5 Things You Do On Facebook That Turn Him Off

How your profile and posting can drive him away.

If he hasn’t checked you out on Facebook before your first date, he totally will afterwards. Here are five ways how your profile and posting can drive him away.

1. You pout in every photograph.
You may be doing it because it’s funny, but it doesn’t translate well over social media. It just makes you look like an attention seeker trying too hard to be sexy.

2. No guy likes an ex-basher.
Posts about ex-boyfriends make you look immature and hung up on the past.
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3. Who has that many friends?
Unless you’re kind of a big deal (and your apartment smells of rich mahogany), nobody has thousands of friends. So if you’re friends with everyone and their mothers, he’s just going to think that you measure your cool factor by how many friends you have on Facebook. He may also think that you spend all your time stalking people you barely know. Creepy!

4. You constantly update your status.
If you do this every 30 minutes, he’s going to think you’re a self-involved, Facebook addict with no life. Also, don’t post things that are best kept private, he’ll be worried that you might someday splash his secrets all over your wall.
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5. You ‘like’ everything.
It’s nice to see that you have interests, but if you ‘like’ an enormous number of people, bands and websites, it just seems like you’re a crowd follower and desperately seeking approval.


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