5 Things Women Should Never Do After Sex

Step. Away. From. The. Soap.

After a hot sex sesh, you probably just want to roll over and sleep in coital bliss, like they do in the movies. But IRL it’s not quite so simple. There are a couple of things you shouldn’t do immediately after the act if you want to give your vagina the love and respect she deserves. Here are five things you should never do after a roll in the hay.

1 Forget to pee. When you’re having penetrative intercourse, bacteria can get pushed into your bladder. This can result in bladder infections (yikes!) No, you don’t have to run to the toilet the second after you’ve finished. Enjoy about an hour of cuddle time before you empty your bladder.

2 Use hygiene wipes. If you’re sensitive to chemicals, using a flushable wipe after a romp can cause serious irritation, since you’re more susceptible to skin issues post-sex. Opt for toilet paper instead.

3 Soap up. Some women want to lather up downtown after a sex sesh, but in reality it’s totally unnecessary. Post-sex skin is sensitive, and may react differently to the harsh chemicals in soap. In fact, it can lead to vaginal irritation and dryness – and who needs that? Remember, your vagina is so magical that it’s self-cleaning. If you really want to clean up, use pure water.

4 Climb into your lacy lingerie. After you’ve done the deed, your skin is warmer and damper than usual. While breathable cotton underwear is totally fine, synthetic underwear traps moisture and can increase your risk of a yeast infection. And you definitely don’t want a yeast infection. So, to be safe (and still sexy), sleep in the nude or in a pair of cute cotton briefs.

5 Put sex toys back in the naughty drawer without thoroughly cleaning them. Without a good cleanse, those sex toys will be itching to grow some infection-causing micro-organisms. Use an antibacterial wipe or spray – every time.

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