5 Reasons People in Relationships Are Secretly Jealous of Their Single Friends

Sometimes, comfort can be boring.

Being in a serious relationship has its perks – sex on the reg, a permanent plus-one to events and, best of all, total comfort. But on some days, they’d gladly swap series and PJs with their SO for just one night of the single life. Here are the reasons people in LTRs are secretly jealous of their single friends.

1 They miss the early stages. You know – the beginning when butterflies are just part of the gig. They miss the excitement that comes with a first date, and the feeling when he texts first to tell you how much he enjoyed your date. Now that they’re in an LTR, they know how rare real excitement can be. Sure, it’s great to be in a secure, solid relationship … but that doesn’t mean they don’t wish for a first kiss every once in a while.

2 They miss flirting. Well, flirting without shame and regret. It’s not that they want to cheat on their partner – they would never do that – but they clearly remember the adrenaline rush of witty banter with a really cute guy.

3 They miss sleep. They miss having a bed that belongs solely to them, with nobody to hog the covers. They miss having ALL the space to stretch out as much as they like, and they miss not having a warm body a couple of centimetres away in the middle of summer. When you’re in a relationship, sleep suffers – this is a fact.

4 They miss being pursued. Their boyfriends are so used to their being around all the time, they’ve long stopped working for it. When you’re in an LTR, you’re allowed to put in less effort and know that your SO isn’t going anywhere. People in relationships can’t remember what it feels like to have someone chase them.

5 They miss the lack of jealousy. Whether they’re jealous of their partner’s work wife or their partner doesn’t trust them on a night out with the girls, people in relationships are so, so over jealousy. It’s utter shit to feel jealous, and it’s even worse not to feel trusted. When you’re single, you can do what you want without having to worry about anyone else’s feelings.

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