5 Genius New Ways to Use Your Sex Toys

Make your Magic Wand even more magical with these sex toy hacks.

Sex toys are perfectly great as they are, but if you can’t leave well enough alone, here are some hacks to get even more sexy out of them.

1 Bumper Pool

Instead of using a sex pillow under your own bum, stick it under your partner’s. It instantly neutralises any size issues between you two. Hop aboard so you’re facing away from their face as you straddle their thigh. Go ahead and hump it a little for extra clit stimulation too. Bonus: when it comes to blow jobs, this provides stellar penile access.


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2 Pop Rocks

Press a vibrator against your cheek during oral for Super Vibrating Mouth! You can also put it under your chin to make your tongue extra magical or let it roam up your partner’s inner thigh or between their legs. Just make sure you’re using a pretty chill vibrator to avoid any skull rattling.


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3 The Ring of Fire

A vibrating cock ring is great for P-in-V, but don’t put cock ring in a corner. Slide your fingers through it to add buzzy vibes to a hand job. You can also use two hands–while one is busy buzzing the cock ring on a clitoris or the underside of the shaft right under the head of the penis, the other does some fingering or shaft-stroking.


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4 The P Sweet Spot

When you’re giving him a blow job, wait ’til he’s reeeeal close to orgasm, then press a small bullet vibe against his perineum, the area of flesh between his penis and anus. (Ask first, of course). It will stimulate his p-spot and make his orgasm longer, harder and way more intense.


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5 The Skewer

A dildo on its own is fine, but pressing a Magic Wand at its base? Damn. Enjoy your newly throbbing member for solo play or try it with a partner during anal to share some deep thumping reverb. (You can also buy a wand attachment for your Hitachi).


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Jill Hamilton writes the blog In Bed With Married Women. Follow her on Twitter.

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan US

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