20 People Share the Best Sex Advice They've Ever Received

“If a girl says ‘keep doing that’ then keep doing it.”

Advice. It’s something we’ll likely never tire of giving and feel frustrated receiving. But sometimes, the advice is actually so good that, unsolicited or not, it sticks with you.

Here, 20 people share the best sex advice they’ve ever received.

1 Sister-in-law told us to ditch the PJs and sleep naked.

The frequency of sex increased almost immediately. [Via]

2 ‘If you look hungry, you’re going to starve.’

Told to me by my older cousin when I started college. [Via]

3 ‘Put a pillow under her ass.’

No idea where I heard it, but boy it does the trick!’ [Via]

4 ‘Never put your fingers somewhere you wouldn’t put your face.’

My grandad. He was talking about power tools, but I find it applies elsewhere. [Via]

5 ‘Relax.’

While you could take it as a reference to certain sex acts, I mean it mainly as a reference to state of mind. There will be times where things don’t work like they should, or they work too fast, or something embarrassing happens… it doesn’t matter, just relax, don’t worry, and move on. In the bedroom, you’re both there to have a good time, so just enjoy it. Advice from a friend, and it has served me well. [Via]

6 If a girl says ‘keep doing that’ then keep doing it.

Don’t change anything. When a girl says she’s close, guys tend to speed up. Don’t do that. Just keep going at the exact same pace and firmness and you’ll blow her mind. Changing methods that close to the finish line makes the orgasm way less intense. You still come, but you’re not as satisfied as you could’ve been. [Via]


6 ‘Always better to go too soft’

‘And be asked for more, than to go too hard and be asked for less.’ [Via]

7 ‘Be generous and be everywhere, man.’

‘Have infinite hands, a full mouth, and come from every angle, but do it slowly so she never knows what’s next. When you want her to finish, focus on the things she liked the most.’ This advice has always stuck with me and has worked like a charm. [Via]

8 ‘When eating pussy, start like it’s fragile and that you might break it.’

End like a bulldog eating spaghetti.’ – from a lesbian friend of mine. [Via]


9 ‘Orgasm is not the goal.’

Have fun, enjoy the closeness. If your only goal is to get off, then anything other than that gets lost, and if you don’t get there, it’s a frustrating waste of time. [Via]

10 ‘If you can’t talk about it with that person…’

‘You shouldn’t be doing it with that person. [Via]

11 I was in choir and the (gay) director was teaching us some vocal technique…

‘And then said ‘this is useful for other things too… Someone might like this someday’ and we were all like ‘um ew’ but then later I told the story to my girlfriend at the time and she asked what the technique was. I taught her and… holy crap. Porn star style deep throats from then on. So I guess that oddly enough was the best sex advice I’ve gotten though I’ve never had an occasion to use it. [Via]

12 ‘Shower twice a day.’

‘You don’t get many chances in life having a blowjob. When you do, you want the girl smelling your last shower, not your last shit.’ – Granddad. [Via]

13 ‘Go down on her and wear a condom.. trust me on that last part.’

Cheers dad. [Via]


14 ‘Never agree to something that your partner isn’t willing to reciprocate.’

Works pretty well as I’ve found that people (usually guys) who want me to go down on them but refuse to go down on me are generally unsatisfactory in bed anyways. [Via]

15 ‘Just because the guy finishes, doesn’t mean the sex has to’.

Even if you can’t get it up again, you can still pleasure your partner in other ways. Useful advice that I use all the time. [Via]

16 Two for me.

As a gay man: ‘Anal isn’t the be all and end all.’ And generally: ‘You don’t have to cum to have fun.’ [Via]

17 ‘You get the sex you ask for.’

Told to me by my boyfriend when I complained about his oral skills. He’s made me cum ever since 👍. [Via]


18 ‘Playing with the clitoris is like turning your car on when it’s cold. Warm it up first before trying to go.’

Was just a really good way to think about it. My wife is great. [Via]

19 An old lady told me ‘If your eyelids aren’t sticky, you’re not doing it right!’

My wife agrees. [Via]

20 ‘Women want sex too’

It sounds so stupid now, but this really helped. In films and TV, the wife or girlfriend just uses sex as a reward for the SO, and complains to their friends about having to have sex. When I learnt that they actually enjoy it too, it got a lot easier. [Via]

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