15 Things People Would Confess to Their SO if They Knew They Wouldn't Get in Trouble

‘I also matched your twin brother and you both messaged me’

Recently, a Redditor asked what one thing people would confess to their significant other if they knew they wouldn’t get in trouble. And honestly, some of the replies are just so pure I might actually soften to the idea of Valentine’s Day.

Here are 15 things people would confess to their SO if they knew they wouldn’t get in trouble

1 You know how I came home yesterday with two boxes of girl scout cookies?

‘I actually bought four boxes, two are my work cookies and two are our sharing cookies.’ [Via]

2 I asked her out by accident and kinda just went with it


‘It turned out very good though.’ [Via]

3 Even though it’s been three years and everything has changed

‘… I’m still worried you’ll cheat on me again.’ [Via]

4 When I’m going out to a poker night with the boys and I tell you I want to take $500.00, I really only want to take $250


‘You always win the argument that ensues and I only get to take half of what I asked for.’ [Via]

5 Years before I even met him…

‘I had a small crush on his older brother.’ [Via]

6 The reason we run out of butter so often…

‘is because I eat it with sugar.’ [Via]

7 I lied.


‘I don’t enjoy sharing my fries with you.’  [Via]

8 I don’t really like your cat that much…

‘But it makes you so damn happy when I cuddle him so I do.’  [Via]

9 Sometimes I give you my leftovers because I truly love you…

‘But also I’m sad for me that I have less leftovers.’

10 When I matched with you on tinder, I also matched your twin brother and you both messaged me.


‘I realised then that you were twins and carefully chose who to respond to, we’ve now been together 3 years. I feel it’s been way too long to tell you that your brother messaged me too so I just don’t say it. I wonder if your brother remembers. Hope not.’ [Via]

11 Sometimes when I’m making dinner for us I can tell it’s not as good as I thought

‘So I’ll burn it on purpose so we can get in our PJ’s, order pizza, and watch cartoons together instead.’ [Via]

12 A lot of times, I’ll go into the fridge and steal a bite or two out of her leftover food.


‘I do it when she’s asleep. I know it’s wrong but I can’t stop and I feel ashamed.’ [Via]

13 I told you I couldn’t sleep, but the truth is you were snoring so loud I was fantasising about smothering you with my pillow.

‘That is why I’m on the couch watching TV until I’m so tired it won’t bother me as much. Still love you though.’  [Via]

14 I wish you would get over your weird vagina insecurities…

‘and let me go down on you.’  [Via]

15 Sometimes you text me and I don’t respond

‘But then I make a reddit post and I realise that I have to respond to your text because I know you be creepin’ my reddit.

Also, my petty ass downvoted you yesterday for making a reddit comment about a girl you used to have a crush on.’

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