10 Secrets People Kept Until Well Into the Relationship

Lock them down before you fly your freak flag

It’s a safe assumption that we all keep secrets from our partners. While it’s always better to be honest, when some truths come to light it’s more hilarious than anything else. In a recent Ask Reddit thread, people shared the secrets they’ve either kept or learnt about well into their relationship.

If my guy is hiding something, I hope it’s something as charming as number 7.

1 My wife didn’t know until three years into our marriage that I once worked as the balloon animal guy in a Mexican restaurant.

‘It came up in conversation one day and she commented on how dorky those guys are. So I went to the storage closet, got out my balloons and made her a dragon. She almost pissed herself laughing.’

2 He waited three years…

‘…before I knew he was REALLY into Magic: The Gathering.’



3 The fact she’s a slob.

‘Love you babe but, God damn it, pick your shit up.’

4 The depth of squad involvement

‘Her roommates went to the restaurant ahead of us to spy on us during our first date.’

5 I used to work at a coffee bar at a grocery store when I met him.

‘He’d come in every day to order a chai latte from me. The first time he came in I didn’t know how to make one, so I yelled back into the kitchen for help. They yelled back, “Just steam the mix and add milk.” So I did that, not realising the milk should have been steamed as well. So, I basically gave him a slightly less-than-lukewarm chai, which he proceeded to take home and microwave. He did this every day for eight months before we hooked up, and I made it wrong every time because he didn’t tell me. It wasn’t until two years later that he revealed this to me – I was so mad. It has now been nine years, and we’ve been married for almost two.’


6 When I first realised I was in love with my now husband, I was kind of terrified.

‘To get myself less nervous about saying the three big words to him, I would whisper it to him when he fell asleep. He almost always fell asleep first. Well, I eventually said it to his face while we were both conscious. He told me a month later that he was sick of pretending and that he has terrible insomnia. He would pretend to fall asleep, wait until I was asleep then get out of bed again. Meaning all those whispered ‘I love yous’ weren’t nearly as secret as I thought they were.’

7 My husband is a fat white dude who speaks Chinese.

‘I found out when we went out for Chinese food and he had a 20-minute conversation with the waiter. I was like, “whaaaat?”‘

8 That he likes his feet rubbed.

‘Apparently I always acted slightly grossed out by feet (I am kinda) so he didn’t want to put me out or anything. Took him about six years. Turns out he has really nice feet, smooth and not sweaty or stinky, even when he’s been walking a lot, so I guess he lucked out. I still can’t believe it took him six years to ask for a foot rub, though!’

9 We both hid for over six years that we were both bisexual.

‘Once it was out in the open, our marriage flourished. Going on 30 years together now.’


10 How he has his tea.

‘I’m pretty strict on what I consider a ‘good’ cup of tea (English). It took him 18 months to tell me he takes it milky with two sugars.’

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