12 Undisputable Reasons Why It's So Effing Great to Be Single in 2019

Right now is the best time to be unattached. Here’s why.

Truth? We should actually be v grateful we’re single at this very moment. It’s 2019 and the world is… well, super strange right now.

So, here are the exact reasons why you should feel legit happy to not be romantically tied down to someone. Prepare to be totally validated for ridin’ solo.

1 Your non-existent partner won’t suddenly turn into a legit psychopath who stalks your every move. (If you haven’t watched You on Netflix yet, WYD?)


2 You can use all the time you want to Marie Kondo the shit out of your apartment.

3 You can double-tap the egg Insta picture that has well over 35 million hits without a significant other complaining that you could like that pic, but didn’t like theirs.

4 You can blast ‘Shallow’ on repeat at home without having to justify your choice of Spotify bops.

5 You can dip your chips in your chocolate shake without getting absolutely roasted by your S.O.


6 You can binge on The Bachelor SA without any judgement.

7 You won’t have to worry about your partner running out in the middle of the road with a blindfold on because someone on Twitter told him or her to do the #Birdboxchallenge.

8 It’s way cheaper and less stressful when you vacation to Lindsay Lohan’s beach club by yourself or with girlfriends. Mykonos, baby!

9 You can angry tweet R. Kelly without rebuttals from a partner claiming that ‘Remix to Ignition’ is the best song at the club.

10 You actually, legitimately are getting more sleep. Trust, it’s way easier to go nighty-night without tussling over who is hogging the comforter or blanket.

11 You’re getting endorphins in other ways besides sex. More time for the gym and spontaneous adventures, am I right?


12 You can actually start that pilot, or book, or song, or whatever you haven’t had time to do, and just because you want to.

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan US

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