15 People Reveal Their Pettiest Relationship Deal-Breakers

Petty and proud of it

Let’s be honest, even those of us who aren’t exceptionally picky, are still pretty picky. This is definitely a good thing when you’re looking for a romantic partner – but when does pickiness become a fat dose of pettiness? Fifteen Redditors discuss what are immediate deal-breakers for them.

1 ‘She clapped to music at a concert way off the beat.’ – tselag

2 ‘Guys with long nails.’ – anyare


3 ‘I really don’t like belly buttons that are outies.’ – noahtalk

4 ‘Bad tooth-to-gum ratio when smiling/laughing. It weirds me out.’ – heyitsduckman

5 ‘I had a date once with this really awesome girl. I asked a friend to introduce me to her. She was really cute and I was actually surprised that she agreed to go out with me. We watched a movie and had dinner. I walked her home and we held hands (which was really great because that was our first date and she was really out of my league). When I got home, I texted her that I had a really good time, to which she replied, “mE to0, I rEaLy hAd a greAt tym. I HoPe 2 zseeU zOon. XOxo.” Never saw her again.’ – nielpotatoes

6 ‘Guys that have lower back tattoos.’ – thatrandomelle

7 ‘As a lady-lovin’ lady, I couldn’t date someone with the same name as me. It would creep me out too much.’ – only_one_catch

8 ‘Bad grammar/spelling when we’re texting, unless you have diagnosed dyslexia. I don’t care how intelligent and witty you are in person, if you send me a text message that says, “lolol your grate”, I’m immediately filled with so much anger. It’s like nails on chalkboard for the mind.’ – meanderling

9 ‘If someone has a straight brim on a baseball hat. Just cannot look past it. Shallow as f*ck? Yup.’ – casiaursidae

10 ‘If a girl has a fat house cat. What are you doing? Just letting that cat run your life? Feeding that little shit whenever it meows? Nah, f*ck that.’ – phacephister


11 ‘My good friend broke up with his “dream girl that he could’ve married” (his words) because her second biggest toes were freakishly longer than the rest of her toes.’ – niania

12 ‘They have to like vegetables. What are you, a f*cking child? Eat your peas and carrots.
Total deal-breaker for me.’ – shlpeer

13 ‘When they make smiley faces like this (: ‘ – ottom4tik

14 ‘Moles. Especially in prominent areas on the face. I feel horrible for thinking that way, though…’ – jaydenlzw


15 ‘Someone who likes their steak well done. Seriously.’ – clariteeb

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