10 Hilarious Misconceptions Real Men Have Had About Women

Yes, we do wipe after we pee

A mess of men (this is the collective noun, right?) took to Reddit to share what misconceptions they had about women and TBH, it’s a little bit frightening. What if, for every man who now knows better, there are three running around thinking we have our period out of our nipples?

1 Drip dry is for festival wees only
 ‘I must’ve been about 17 before I realised that women have to wipe after they pee.’

‘For a while as a kid all I heard was, “Girls don’t have a wee-wee.” So I thought all they had were balls. It took me a while but I figured it out eventually.’

3 Sex ed for who
‘Until I was about [midway through] high school, I didn’t know whether women bled out of their vaginas or their nipples. Sex ed classes always said “privates” so I wasn’t sure which set.’

4 If only
‘I worked with a 25-year-old gentleman, let’s call him Paul because that’s his real name. He believed every woman in the world had their period at the same time. When he told me this I burst out laughing because I imagined that he saw women’s periods as a werewolf change brought on by a full moon or something.’

5 Again, if only
‘I didn’t know that periods last multiple days. I thought it was a one day thing.’

6 Our secret weapon
‘My husband thought for years that cotton balls were a feminine hygiene product. I’m still vague on exactly how he thought we used them.’

7 Keep looking
‘I didn’t realise that girls vaginas were so low down the crotch area, I assumed it was in the same place as the penis. I didn’t realise this until I was sliding my hand down a girls pants and was like, “Damn, how far down is this thing?”‘

8 Clit knowledge is power
‘My male friend thought girls peed out of their clit. He heard it was like a female penis. Had to explain the differences between.’

9 Correct
‘I’ve learned that girls screenshot everything and anything you say and post it in group messages…’

Can we please appreciate a comment on this one which simply says:

‘Holy. Shit. WHY?’


10 The biggest one
‘I didn’t realise how much girls think about the possibility of getting raped/assaulted when they go out. Makes me take for granted the fact that I don’t have to really worry while walking home from work at night.’

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