10 Guys Describe the Strangest Sex They've Ever Had and LOL

‘She wouldn’t have an orgasm without screaming into my mouth’

Sex is a deliciously intimate, fun, dirty and strange thing. However, some sex truly takes the strange cake.

10 guys describe what they consider to be the strangest sex they’ve ever had

1 I dated a girl who would stretch before sex

‘Like literally stretch her hamstrings, calves, etc. It would have been a major mood killer but she made up for it by using her flexibility.’ [Via]

2 My GF really doesn’t like sweat as she finds it gross and unhygienic

‘So there would be pauses for me to wipe myself down if we go at it for an extended period of time. However, she loves it when I cum over her body and face, so a bit of a contradiction between that and sweat.’ [Via]

3 One of my past girlfriends had a ball sniffing fetish

‘It was like she was snorting coke or something. Very strange, but couldn’t argue with the penis worship. One time she was trying to sleep on my crotch and I told her that my junk isn’t a pillow. She said shut up or I’ll fluff ya.’  [Via]


4 I had one who wouldn’t have an orgasm without screaming into my mouth

‘As she got close she’d grab the back of my head, lock her lips with mine, and make a muffled scream right into my mouth. Apparently, the orgasm wasn’t as good for her without that odd little ritual.’ [Via]

5 I dated a girl who liked to watch Horror movies…

‘while we had sex.’ [Via]

6 I dated a girl who liked having her clitoris bitten

‘Hard. I liked it a lot. She also had a thing for peeing outdoors. She just got a rush out of going outdoors.’ [Via]

7 She likes to squeeze my balls with her butthole

‘When I’m inside her in missionary.’ [Via]

8 I slept with a girl once…

‘who had to have Twenty-One Pilots videos playing on the TV to orgasm.’ [Via]

9 I had one who would always want to practically do the splits

‘and wanted her legs as spread apart as possible.’ [Via]


10 It was an ex of mine who would wear thongs to bed

‘She liked being the little spoon and I was ok with this. Then her thing was to grab my dick and like loop it through her thong back and her back basically tying my dick up behind her. It kept me in place and it kept my dick smashed up next to her which she liked. I dug that one.’ [Via]
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