8 Condom Facts You Need to Know on this Fine International Condom Day

Hooray for the contraceptive underdog

HAPPY CONDOM DAY, LOVERS! That’s a real thing, in case you didn’t know.

It seems only fitting (heh heh) that the day before the Day of Love, Global non-profit AIDS organisation, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), will celebrate International Condom Day to share the message that condoms are ‘Always in Fashion’. The day also occurs during STI/Condom and Pregnancy Awareness Week in SA.

To commemorate this celebration of safe sex, AHS released a remix of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ and we can’t deal.

We’ve put together some facts you probably don’t yet know about the magical ~*condom*~.

1 Thank you, 2018 condoms

According to research done by condom brand Skyn, the first documented condoms were used in the Roman Empire. Made from hand-sewn pieces of linen, these condoms went either over the entire penis, just the tip, or into the urethra. Ouch.


2 All hail the lube

It was only in 1957, in the UK, that the first lubricated condom was launched. Thanks!

3 Insane in the lamb-skin membrane

We’ve all heard about the strange things condoms were made of back, back, back in the day (when the DJ spun all night?) such as animal intestines, tortoise shell or animal horn, but did you know you can still get condoms made from ‘natural lamb-skin membrane’? Because TBH, I didn’t until the Charlie Sheen, Bree Larson lamb-skin condom debacle of 2015.

It’s worth noting however, that only one manufacturer still produces these condoms and they are far, far more expensive than the average, latex condom. Not only that, but while they’re an ineffective form of birth control, they do nothing to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.


4 Debunking the ‘double-bagging’ myth

I mean, I know it’s 2018 and there is no shortage of information out there, but it seems some people still believe that using two condoms during sex is safer. While this shows their genitals and heads are in the right place (safe sex, yay!), double-bagging actually puts you at risk. The friction created by the condoms rubbing together can cause the condoms to tear and leak. One will do, guys.

If you’re on the hunt for extensive protection, try incorporating condoms into your life while on another form of contraception such as the Pill or an IUD.

5 South Africa is ABOUT the female condom

According to an article in Health24, a study done in 2017 on the National Female Condom Evaluation by the MatCH Research Unit found that South Africa is one of the largest users of female condoms in the world.

6 Don’t be silly, wrap your willy.. and your gun

In the 1930s, the US military gave all soldiers a ‘prophylactic kit’ that included a condom.. for obvious reasons. What wasn’t as obvious was the off-label use of the soldier’s condoms. Some would use them over the muzzle of their gun to protect it. ‘A barrel clogged with mud, grit, sand or some other foreign material could be disastrous. Firing a weapon in that condition could cause the barrel to explode, severely injuring or killing the soldier,’ explains warisboring.com. So even apart from contracting incurable STDs, it seems condoms were considered a matter of life or death.

7 P in V on V-Day

According to Condomania, about 87 condoms are used every single second on Valentine’s Day in the United States. That’s A LOT of condoms.

8 Quality control


Cassanova (the OG fuckboy?) was apparently the first ever recorded person to perform quality control on condoms. Because of the vast amount of women he would engage in sexual activity with, he’d make a point of blowing up each condom before using it to ensure there were no holes in them.

Better safe than sorry, we say.

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