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The reason your sex drive has taken a big dip—and *exactly* what to do about it

The reason your sex drive has taken a big dip—and *exactly* what to do about it

SEX & RELATIONSHIPS Woman uses peed-on pregnancy test as a cake topper, and people are so grossed out - COSMO | 15 October 2019 | 10:13am


RELATIONSHIPS Instagram is removing *this* tab and it's going to make stalking harder - Helen Wallace | 10 October 2019 | 02:22pm

Farewell beloved.

SEX & RELATIONSHIPS PSA: The Dating Trend Called Zombie-ing Is Truly Scary AF - COSMO | 08 October 2019 | 12:21pm

The ones who eat brains aren't nearly as bad as

SEX & RELATIONSHIPS Looking for a New Sex Toy? Here's Your Ideal Match, According to Your Star Sign - Helen Wallace | 07 October 2019 | 02:17pm

Written in the stars

SEX & RELATIONSHIPS Brutally Honest Answers to the Top 10 Relationship Questions People Have Asked Google - COSMO | 04 October 2019 | 09:56am

'What is a boyfriend?' is an important one we must address!!

SEX & RELATIONSHIPS Here’s How to Have a Vaginal Orgasm - COSMO | 03 October 2019 | 10:02am

Or at least give yourself the best chance of it.

SEX & RELATIONSHIPS I'd Never Had an Orgasm Until I Met This Life-changing Sex Toy - Helen Wallace | 19 September 2019 | 01:58pm

One tiny toy = plenty of pleasure.

SEX & RELATIONSHIPS Paperclipping is the Dating Trend That We've ALL Experienced - Helen Wallace | 13 September 2019 | 12:57pm

Not here for it 🙄

SEX & RELATIONSHIPS Woman On Top Sex Positions to Try if You Love Riding Your Partner - COSMO | 12 September 2019 | 09:43am

Sex blogger Girl on the Net road tests them all AND gets her partner's opinion

HOROSCOPES The 4 Craziest Sex Facts About Your Sign That You Should Know - COSMO | 11 September 2019 | 09:58am

Virgos really be wildin!

SEX & RELATIONSHIPS 6 Things to Never Say to a Partner Who’s Been Cheated On - COSMO | 07 September 2019 | 02:02pm

And why “I’d never do that to you” is the most unhelpful thing ever.

SEX Ahem: Meet the 12-Step Orgasm Routine - COSMO | 04 September 2019 | 03:46pm

And all the products you never knew you needed.