Risks Every Girl Must Take

Hey, scaredy-cat – it’s time to grab life by the horns.

Hey, scaredy-cat – it’s time to grab life by the horns. Here, Candace Bushnell, author of Sex and the City shares her tips.

‘Fall in love; really seize it. The guy probably won’t be The One. But that’s how you learn who you are.’

‘Be yourself – especially in a relationship. We still live in a sexist world where women often twist themselves into what they think a man wants in order to have him. Put yourself before pleasing a guy and you’re more likely to find the guy who’s right.’

‘Make a firm plan to move out of your comfort zone. Say, “I’ll work this entry-level job for two years and then, no matter what, I’m moving on.”’

‘Try everything you find interesting, even if it’s quirky or odd. When I was 20, I signed up for a tap-dancing class. It was full of 12-year-olds, but I’d always wanted to learn.’

‘Dare to ask, what is my purpose here? You might not be able to answer it, but you’ll learn a lot in the process.’

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