Wrong Way Round

In Mauritius left on the hot tap is add more heat and left on the cold tap is add less coldth.

With light switches up is on and down is off. Are you confused? Try this in a shower. I have heard some good Martin Scorcese screams the past few days and they were not excitement screams.

Try new things are our motto for the story. So we snorkeled on a, no I lie, next to a coral garden and quad biked up a mountain. We saw parts of the original Mauritian forest and heard all about the Dutch introducing sugar cane (for Rum and not commercial sugar), as well as pine apples.

Rebecca had blisters from hanging on as we raced through mud puddles but in the next instant being speechless at a water fall. For me personally finding out that hunting was a big tourist attraction was a tad too much, but that is easily avoided.

Mauritian people must be some of the most friendly, helpful and generally content human being I have ever met. Hindu, Muslims, Buddhists and Christians live and work peacefully in the same space. Always with the aqua marine backdrop of a sea with waves breaking far out.

Both Stuart and Mike celebrated birthdays. Look it’s not often that a person gets an Italian chef to prepare a gateau sporting your name. Getting the chance to enjoy this at the top of a hill on the veranda of a 150 year old Chateau is nearly making it feel unreal.

We have days filled with lots of hard work and laughter. Here is our second video that Roland put together for us.

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