Who Knew Rebecca Black Could be Dethroned?

We all know Rebecca Black’s famous Friday song. Not many of you know of her new song, ‘Saturday’.

We all know Rebecca Black’s famous Friday song. She now has a new song, Saturday. Here it is, in case you have missed it. 

What if we told you we have found three videos that can make her look like an angelic singer?
Side note: who gave Rebecca Black permission to throw a party and to write on her mothers bowls? 

Have a look at our first singer, Jenna Rose. Who apparently really loves her Jeans and dancing in deserted parking lots.


Up next we have two girls who call themselves Double Take. We honestly have no words for them but their damn song gets stuck in our heads everytime!

A few thoughts… Who gave these girls the money to shoot these videos? Also, why didn’t anybody tell them they couldn’t sing? Or at least auto tune their voices. It would have saved us from wanting to kill someone every time they started playing any one of those videos.