When Animals Do Human Things…

…it’s pretty much our everything!

…it’s pretty much our everything!

We love cute animal GIFs as much as anyone – but we also find it uncanny how good some animals can be at doing things we’d normally expect people to do.

It all started with this guy, whose impression of a pole-dancer had us in stitches:

Then there was this monkey, om-nom-nommiing its way into our hearts:

Om nom nommmmm

And this guy, going at 50 words per minute:

We’ve got some interviews that need transcribing…

This dog, reenacting Solange for his owner:

‘And she was, like, Jigga, say whaaaaa…?’

These sheep, who have clearly watched one too many C-grade biker-gang movies:

Going somehwere, punk?

This little gymnast, exhausted from his last workout:

Just gonna rest my eyes for a bit, K?
These pandas, being total man-children:
Really, boys?

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And, finally, this Husky in sunnies, who you’d swear is actually driving the car:

Or giving us the stink-eye for how we’re driving ours!

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And, in unrelated news, check out this epic, epic Golden Retriever: 


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