This 30-Second Video of Simone Biles Landing a Triple-Double Flip Is Truly Astounding

I’m clutching my calves in sympathy!!

Simone Biles is the GOAT, but we knew that. She’s also a pro at inventing new moves in her sport, but we knew that too. Before this weekend though, we didn’t know she (or anyone, for that matter) could land one of the hardest moves in the history of gymnastics, but surprise! She did it.

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She’s Just Made History, Again

While competing in Kansas City yesterday, Simone landed a triple-twisting double flip during her floor routine. For those of us who are nodding along without knowing what that actually is (i.e. ME), all you really need to know is that pass consists of three twists and two flips, and it’s nearly impossible to do.

Fox News says Biles is actually the first gymnast even to attempt it, and she’s the only one to land it ever. And she did it right at the beginning of her routine, which has me clutching my calves in sympathy.

The Slow-Mo Video is Everything

The videos of Simone achieving the pass have millions of views already, but my personal favorites are the slow-mo versions, which are extremely necessary given Simone’s speed. Please enjoy this slow-mo clip of Simone making history, courtesy of the NBC Tokyo 2020 Olympics Twitter account:

Just for fun, here’s another slow-mo clip from Twitter user Timothy Burke:

In comparison, here’s the clip at its normal speed:

And here’s the full video of her routine from Team USA:

Before this, Simone casually made gymnastics history again when she landed a double-double during her beam dismount over the weekend, which was another first in gymnastics history. What an athlete, amirite?

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