WATCH: This Teen Totes Disowned Her Dad After He Poses Next to A Slaughtered Lion

I mean, we get it.

A nineteen-year-old Canadian, Sydney Carter has claimed that she will never speak to her father again after a picture of her father, Darren Carter kissing his wife Carolyn next to a dead lion went viral.

According to an article by People, Darren spent over £12 000 (about R210 000) on a trophy hunting trip to South Africa with his wife. The pair own a taxidermy business in Alberta and their picture went viral after they and the safari company, Legelela Safaris posted the picture on social media. And one user posted it on Twitter in disgust.

Reactions to the pictures have been so negative the couple has had to disable their social media accounts and their company’s website. Even the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) spoke up against the photograph, calling for a ban worldwide on trophy hunting.

Darren’s daughter, Sydney posted a ten-minute video on YouTube where she calls out her father and step-mother.

‘I will never understand people like that – who take pride in shooting a beautiful animal like a lion. I’ll never understand it,’ she said.

‘So, Darren, if you’re ever watching this, just know that I don’t call you my dad anymore. You are a horrible person…Knowing you trophy hunt beautiful animals like lions, who are slowly becoming endangered, is just . . . it’s too much…I’m someone who loves animals and wouldn’t want anyone to hurt them, and to know that my own father does that – I don’t even consider you my dad anymore.’

She tells her father to never contact her or her mother again and she revealed that she has not seen her father in ten years, and slammed him for spending so much money for the trip but refusing to pay for her education.

Watch her vlog here:

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