Day in the Life of Tasneem Motara, ANC Member of Parliament

So much legislation to shape, so little time!

Being a member of Parliament (MP) isn’t all about SONA and media circuses. BTS, MPs should be working to amplify our voices by representing our best interests, challenging decisions, questioning other MPs and our Cabinet and, ultimately, holding our President to account.

Ever wondered what a day in the life of an MP looks like – and if it could be the career choice for you?

We asked Tasneem Motara, African National Congress (ANC) MP to break down a typical day.

6am: I wake up and get ready to leave for the gym in Parliament, which I aim to be at by 6.30am. Before I start my gym session, I call my children to make sure that they’re ready for the day.

7am: Inevitably running a little late, I head to the gym.

8am: I finish up at the gym and get ready to head to Parliament for the day.

8.30am: My first Parliamentary programme begins with a multiparty whips meeting, where we discuss matters relating to the programme of Parliament and plenary session.

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10am: I head on to the Select Committee on Appropriations meeting, which lasts until 1pm.

1pm: I then attend my political party study group to prepare for the plenary, which starts at 2pm. 

2pm: The plenary starts, and I’ll likely be busy in this meeting until 6pm. In the middle of my Parliamentary meetings, I also make time to confirm requests for meetings and do some admin, like emails.

6pm: I attend another study group, which lasts until 7pm. It’s been a long day!

7pm: I wrap up the day and head home.

8pm: Time to start preparing for dinner and getting ready for tomorrow’s meetings. 

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