A Quick-Sticks Guide to SA’s Party Manifestos

From the ANC to the IFP, we break down what you need to know

A manifesto is like a map of what a party stands for and how they plan to put their ideas into motion.

In SA, we have plenty of key issues impacting society, from unemployment and healthcare to education and service delivery.

Here are summaries of the main political parties in SA and what they stand for!

1 African National Congress (ANC)

Motto: ‘Together we move South Africa forward.’

Number of seats in Parliament: 249 (62,15%)

Key points in their 2014 Elections Manifesto

  • Creation of more jobs, decent work and sustainable livelihoods for inclusive growth
  • Rural development, land reform and food security
  • Improve education, including making Grade R compulsory, and to eradicate adult illiteracy
  • Continue to work towards introducing National Health Insurance and intensifying efforts to combat HIV
  • Fighting crime and corruption

2 Democratic Alliance (DA)

Motto: ‘One Nation. One Future’

Number of seats in Parliament: 89 (22,33%)

The DA separated their priorities into two main categories for the 2014 elections: Together for Change and Together for Jobs

Key points in their 2014 Elections Manifesto

Together for Change is where the DA promised to create opportunities for all

  • Save R30-billion per year by cutting corruption and firing corrupt officials
  • Speed up the delivery of housing and basic services through clean and efficient government
  • Introduce a constituency-based electoral system to make MPs more accountable
  • Make communities safer by putting 250 000 properly trained police officers on the streets
  • Fight gangsterism and drugs by reinstating the Narcotics Bureau and building more rehabilitation centres
  • Work with the private sector to provide quality, affordable healthcare for all
  • Ensure that the social-grants system is a means to lift people out of poverty
  • Dedicate an extra R10-billion to speed up land reform and provide training and support for emerging farmers

Together for Jobs focused on growing the economy by eight percent and creating six-million ‘real’ jobs

  • Provide quality education by training 15 000 more teachers per year and giving every child a textbook for every subject
  • Increase the NSFAS budget to R16-billion so that no student is denied further education because they cannot afford it
  • Create one million internships to give work experience to young job seekers
  • Provide seven-million EPWP opportunities to alleviate poverty and provide a step-up for job seekers
  • Make South Africa a nation of entrepreneurs by cutting red tape and providing more support and training for small business
  • Improve black economic empowerment so that it rewards companies that invest in their workers and create jobs
  • Break up inefficient state monopolies, and distribute shares to ordinary citizens, to increase competition and bring down prices
  • Invest at least 10% of GDP in the roads, ports, railways, airways, water and communication infrastructure that the economy needs to grow

3 Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)

Motto: ‘People’s Power for Economic Freedom in Our Lifetime’

Number of seats in Parliament: 25 (6,35%)

Key points in their 2016 Elections Manifesto

EFF Local Government Elections Manifesto can be summed up into the following core values

  • Building local state capacity with the aim of abolishing tenders
  • Creating sustainable jobs
  • Providing quality basic services such as water, sanitation, healthcare, electricity and clean communities for all
  • Providing a conducive and accessible environment for education, skills and training
  • Building and maintaining quality and safe infrastructure for all through labour-absorptive and efficient methods
  • Stimulating local economic activity and participation through localisation of economic activities
  • Guaranteeing safety and security for all

4 Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP)

Motto: ‘Make things happen’

Number of seats in Parliament: 10 (2.40%)

Key points in their 2014 Elections Manifesto

  • Service delivery
  • Education
  • Unemployment and job creation
  • Corruption
  • Health
  • Land use and reform
  • Law and order
  • Traditional leadership

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