11 Reasons Drunk You is The Worst

As if post party LC wasn’t the worst, there are always those reminders of what stupid things drunk you got up to the night before.

As if post party LC wasn’t the worst, there are always those reminders of what stupid things drunk you got up to the night before.

1) Drunk you loves to remind everyone that you were a star gymnast in your youth.

2) It’s possible that drunk you could be a criminal.

Drunk you is, quite possibly, a criminal.

3) Drunk you wakes up with an empty wallet because EVERYONE had to have a tequila with you.

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4) Drunk you is the fussiest nightmare when ordering fast-food.

Drunk you

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5) Drunk you could have been a rock star and you’re going to prove it with the karaoke mike.

6) Drunk you doesn’t let a lack of can opener get in the way of your late night snack.

Drunk you will stop at nothing to get their post-night out snack on.

7) Drunk you makes future you’s life very confusing.

Drunk you makes life for sober you incredibly confusing.

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8) Drunk you thinks you may in fact be a contortionist.

Even though drunk you is an asshole, drunk you is definitely not a cat.

9) Drunk you has genius ideas but sadly never writes them down for sober you.

You're used to trying to work out what happened last night from the clues drunk you left around - but sometimes it's inexplicable.

10) Drunk you loves to write notes for the DJ.

Drunk you

11) Drunk you has terrible taste in food.

Drunk you

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