This Girl Just Flexed SO Hard on a Bunch of Islamophobic Bigots

“I wanted them to see my joy”.

Shaymaa Ismaa’eel shows us how to flex on all bigots and racists TBH. She just posed for pics with the biggest smile in front of a bunch of Islamophobic protestors. Yaaaaas, sis!

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And the Flex of the Month Goes To…

“I wanted them to see my joy” – Shaymaa Ismaa’eel

This 24-year old just twirled on a group of hateful men. With a wide smile, in a hijab and holding a peace sign, she snapped a pic in front of them, next to a police car. The protestors were holding anti-Muslim signs and shouting that she was going to hell. Shaymaa Ismaa’eel radiated positivity in the face of these bigots. She also took up space unapologetically.

The Guardian reports: “I wanted them to see the smile on my face, and see how happy I was to be me and walk around being a Muslim woman,” said Shamyaa, “I wanted to show them that we are going to remain kind and unapologetic, and continue to spread love in the face of bigotry.”

What Shaymaa Has to Say About The Protestors:

She says that speaking to people like these protestors can sometimes be like talking to a brick wall.

“I just think, all around, for everyone who’s preaching hatred toward our religion and has a misconstrued idea of our religion, you need to understand where we’re actually coming from and understand that the vast majority of Muslims are not using their religion to spread hate.” – Teen Vogue reports.

The photo was taken on her Washington D.C. trip where she attended a conference run by a non-profit to build Muslim communities. In the workshop, they discussed the New Zealand massacre in which 50 Muslim worshippers were killed. One speaker mentioned that the first victim greeted the murderer with the words: “Hello, brother.” Shamyaa says she had this in mind when she saw the protestors.

“I was thinking about them throughout the convention because all the stuff we’re learning inside the convention was 100% positive.”

Being a Muslim Woman and Knowing Your Strength:

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