This Photoshoot Celebrating Plus-size Asian Women is Going Viral and We're So Here for It

Breaking the stereotype that Asian women are all petite.

Plus-size Asian women exist! This powerful photoshoot celebrates that fact. It challenges the harmful stereotype that all Asian women are or should be petite.

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The Empowering Photoshoot

This stunning photoshoot is going viral for all the rights reasons. Body positivity activist Michelle Elman launched this dope campaign with photographer Linda Blacker. It shines the spotlight on Asian representation (and lack thereof) in media and fashion:

‘I work within body positivity and even when a campaign is praised as being body positive, often they are still missing an entire continent and we have to understand that inclusivity has to be intersectional and a campaign is not diverse if an entire continent is missing,’ she told Glamour Magazine.


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The Harmful Stereotype it Breaks

‘There is a stereotype that Asian women are petite and small,’ says Michelle, ‘… but we have to realise that this is a simply a stereotype and it only exists due to the under-representation of Asian women of all sizes.’

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The photoshoot got a flood of praise and support on Instagram (obvs, it’s so gorgeous and so real). Michelle’s caption really cuts to the heart of why these images are important:

‘Being Asian is not one look. Being Asian is not one culture. Whilst even this shoot isn’t perfect representation, it shows just a small sample of the diversity within Asia. #AsianRepresentation.’

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The Power of Body Positivity and Representation

The models include Linda Blacker (who came up with the idea), Bishamber Das, Kat Henry, Mina Kumari, Vanessa Sison, Simsimma Sandhu, and Saalene Sivaprasad.

Their various skin tones and body shapes show a diversity that’s often lacking in the fashion and beauty world’s portrayal of Asian women.

The image is powerful because these bodies – in a hi-res glamour shoot – aren’t something we’re used to seeing. The shoot shatters outdated beauty standards. And we’re very much here for that. More of this, please!

FYI, the makeup artists (@umberghauri and @hannah.shaikhup) are Asian too.

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