A Photo of a Badass Old Woman Defending Young Protestors From Police Brutality in Hong Kong Has Gone Viral

Okay, I wanna be her when I’m older.

This brave old woman is a total badass. A viral post shows her defending young protesters from the police in a Hong Kong protest. Take a look at how fierce she is.

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The Viral Photo of This FIERCE Lady

It’s a pretty powerful pic tbh. With her cane in hand, she’s photographed standing toe-to-toe against a whole squad of fully armed riot police.

As you can see, she’s fearlessly giving them a piece of her mind while demanding that the cops don’t shoot young protesters. The image was taken by photographer Laurel Chor who called her “furious and fearless”:

The video (taken by Joshua Wong) is moving AF. The brave old woman approaches the police, angry and in tears:

Her passion and courage has been applauded (and retweeted) by many admirers. Unfortunately, the photographer and reporters didn’t get a chance to talk to her and find out more about her.

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So WTF is Going on in Hong Kong?

The protests began when the Hong Kong government introduced a controversial bill. The bill is to allow extraditions to mainland China. What does that mean? It means that someone accused of a crime can be handed over to another country’s law enforcement (in the case, mainland China).

The BBC reports this sparked massive protests against the bill. People fear that it will undermine Hong Kong’s freedoms. Protests escalated when the police were accused of using excessive violence against protestors.

This month, 45 people were attacked and beaten by masked men in a subway in Yuen Long, Mashable reports, on the border between Hong Kong and mainland China. In response, protesters came out in their numbers at the Yuen Long subway. When the riot police got involved, they resorted to violence to try and disperse the protestors.

While this attack was recent, anti-extradition protests have been going on in Hong Kong since March, and it’s becoming a wider movement.

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All respect to this incredible woman for her unshakeable bravery. Stand your ground, ma. Totally wanna be like her when I’m older. We stan.

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