Ok, Ok I’m Going Organic Already

`There`s blood and pus in there you know?` I`m about to pour some milk into my coffee but instead it`s dripping off my kitchen counter onto the floor.

My aim has been rudely interrupted by my housemate`s grim revelation. `Erm…,` I say. In fact, I have no response. It`s early and I haven`t had any caffeine yet.

She`s gleaned this information from Go Further, a Woody Harrelson documentary promoting sustainable, organic living. Cows apparently are pumped full of hormones in order to produce more milk. Their sad over-used udders struggle to keep up with demand, becoming raw and painful and well, you know the rest.

I`ve always lived by the belief that when it comes to food, what you don`t know can`t harm you – that, and the five-second rule. But the problem is I do know now and it`s caused me to question way more than my milk-drinking habits.

The weekend following The Milk Episode I`m staying with my boyfriend and his eco-friendly housemate. I`m making myself at home and place my shower gel filled with chemical ingredients I can`t pronounce, next to Sarah`s herbal cleanser filled with lavender, lemongrass and rosemary. Her bottle looks so proud, so righteous; mine just looks like it`s embarrassed to be there. My environmentally friendly to-do list is growing by the second: organic milk, herbal cleanser and…

…worms? Yup, worm farms are big news in eco-circles and Sarah`s got one. The worms (housed neatly in a rubber tyre) eat all your organic waste – potato peels, banana peels, eggshells, even paper – creating a nutrient-rich super-fertiliser for the garden. I keep forgetting that orange peel and onions are big worm food no-nos. So, not only am I funding the abuse of cows by buying non-organic milk, I`m stamping a gigantic footprint on the earth with my non-organic shower gel and poisoning the good guys while I`m at it. I fear there`s only one way to rid myself of my growing eco-guilt. I`m going to get some worms…