Nikita Dragun Creates Dazzling Video in Response to Victoria's Secret's Transphobia

“Live your fantasy and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise”

YouTuber, make-up artist and transgender influencer Nikita Dragun created her own Nikita’s Secret video in response to transphobic comments made by Victoria’s Secret last month. Victoria’s Secret’s executive, Ed Razek, made the statement that the brand should not hire trans models for the runway because the “show is a fantasy”. Nikita’s dazzling video shows just how much of a fantasy she can be.

In her very own steamy lingerie shoot, a winged Nikita Dragun slayed the part of the sexy angel, delivering the perfect clapback. Her caption for the video read: ‘Dear Victoria’s Secret, you said trans women can’t sell the “fantasy” so here i am as TRANS WOMAN selling the fantasy!’

In an interview with Vogue, Ed Razek’s comments included that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show should not include trans women (or plus-size models for that matter). This was met with outrage by many. He was responding to a question about the show’s lack of diversity. His reasons included that the fantasy of the show needs to be preserved, that viewers will not be interested and that Victoria’s Secret does not “pander”. He has since publicly apologised after the remarks caused controversy.

It turns out Ed Razek could not have been more wrong. People loved this video so much that Nikita received overwhelming social media adoration. The outpouring of love and support has led her to this influencer blowing up even further. She’s now being approached by TV shows, brands and media outlets. And she’s encouraging everyone to live their fantasy too.

She thanked people for their responses and emphasised that her video ‘is not a hate campaign, but instead PROOF that ANY woman (trans or not) is a fantasy! be your own angel’:

With over 3.5 million Instagram followers, one thing is clear: people want to see more of Nikita. The influencer has been open about her transition on social media, she’s outspoken about transphobia and she encourages all women to express themselves and embrace their differences. In the words of Nikita Dragun, ‘Stand tall in who you are. Live your fantasy and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise’.

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