Michelle Williams Was Paid 1% of Mark Wahlberg's Salary And The Internet is Not Happy

One step forward, two steps back 😒

Former E! anchor, Catt Sandler, revealed the reason she left the entertainment network after more than a decade. In December last year,  Sandler became aware that her co-host Jason Kennedy was making almost double her salary for the same job. It’s now been revealed that Oscar-winning actress Michelle Williams is in the exact same situation. In many ways, we all are.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Williams’ co-star Mark Wahlberg in All The Money in the World was paid 1500 times MORE than the actress. That’s 1% of her male counterparts salary for the film.

Wahlberg reportedly earned $2 million for the re-shoots and Williams earned less than $1000.

If you recognise the title, that’s because it’s not the first time the movie has been in the headlines. Kevin Spacey was initially cast in the role of J. Paul Getty in the film. After several people came forward with accounts of sexual misconduct and assault by Spacey, the film’s director Ridley Scott swiftly recast and replaced him with Christopher Plummer. The re-shoots cost an estimated $10 million, and took a week to finish with Scott saying in an interview that the cast participated in the re-shoots free of charge.

We now know this isn’t true. The production behind the film were celebrated for standing with survivors and holding Spacey accountable by severing all ties with the actor. So it came as a surprise when The Washington Post reported that the film perpetuates inequality in other forms.

The report has since spread on social media like wildfire. Celebrities including Amber Tamblyn, Jessica Chastain, and Mia Farrow are calling-out the production company for the pay discrepancy between the co-stars.

Women in South Africa generally earn 23% less than men. In the US, a women earns 79 cents to every dollar a man makes. The gender pay gap is alive and well- perhaps it’s high-time we take a page out of Iceland’s book and start doing something about it.

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