Meet One Of The Sexiest Dancers In SA

Meet Courtnae’ Paul at just the age of 21 she has perfomed with, Lloyd Cele, Tamara Dey, Lil Wayne, Pitbull and Jay Sean.

 Meet Courtnae’ Paul at just the age of 21 she has perfomed with, Lloyd Cele, Toya De Lazy, Tamara Dey, Lil Wayne, Pitbull and Jay Sean.

COSMO: Which quality do you admire about yourself?

COURTNAE’: I’m pretty hard to breakdown. I haven’t had the easiest life or things just handed to me. A lot of the time I’ve had life try take things from me and sometimes succeeding. After losing my dad, being hijacked by two guys at gunpoint leaving me with 9 staples in my head, along with the general trauma life and people hand you. I’d say there’s not much left that could knock me down without me getting up again.


COSMO: Your career highlight?

COURTNAE’: I am fortunate to have many awesome highlights in my career, taking a big chance and moving to Johannesburg from Durban this year has definitely been on of them. From perfoming at the SAMA’s, The Channel O Africa Music Video Awards, The Feather Awards, being in a Coca Cola advert, MC’ing events with an audience of thousands, to performing with some of the country’s biggest artists like Toya De Lazy who I toured with for a year, Khuli Chana, Lloyd Cele, Reason and Tamara Dey, as well as opening for international acts like Lil Wayne, Pitbull, Jay Sean and Fatman Scoop. Also being sponsored and affiliated with the awesome brands that I am, namely, DC Shoes, Skullcandy, Neff and Red Bull. It’s been a crazy (difficult) ride thus far, but I feel at age 21…I’ve barely begun.


COSMO: What makes you a fun and fearless dancer?

COURTNAE’: I think what makes me fun is that I don’t take things seriously. I’m a bit of a clown (my true calling) but I’ve come to learn that regardless of what life throws at me, there’s always something to laugh about, and that’s generally at myself. Fear is just a mindset. Your life is meant to be enjoyed and full of risk-taking. Life is too short to  be uptight. All that jazz about what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I’m a firm believer. I think that attitude makes for a fun and somewhat fearless artist.


COSMO: What keeps you doing what you?

COURTNAE’: My need for being true to myself and doing what I love.


COSMO: Your personal motto?

COURTNAE’: Peace, love and relentless progression.


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