Mattel, Maker of Barbie, Just Launched a Line of Gender-Neutral Dolls

This is a game-changer.

The first line of gender-neutral dolls, called Creatable World, by Mattel is really for ALL the kids. And we totally wish we had one growing up tbh. The idea that boys (and gender-fluid kids) shouldn’t play with dolls, get excited about them and be represented in them is outdated.

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The OG Barbie has Evolved to be Inclusive AF

We remember the OG barbie, and her physically impossible beauty standards. You would literally have to remove a few ribs to have her body. And, of course, this had an effect on the self-image of many girls growing up. Kids all over the world idolised her and she upheld one, specific look.

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But Barbie has evolved since the blonde, blue-eyed, ultra-thin, hyper-feminine doll. We now have representation and diversity. The first Barbies of colour made an appearance in the ’80s.

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We started seeing different skin tones, eye colour and hairstyles (and textures). Even her body type started to change: we now have ‘curvy’ ‘tall’ and ‘petite’ Barbies. And it didn’t stop there. We have barbies with wheelchairs and removable prosthetic legs too.

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The more inclusive Barbie continued and we were blessed with the LGBT barbie sporting a ‘Love Wins’ T-shirt as well as Barbies in hijabs. As a kid, you are WAY more likely to see yourself represented in a Barbie now, than ever before.

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Now, the creators of barbie are upping their game even more with their Creatable World line of dolls.


ALL Kids Can See Themselves in this Gender-Neutral Doll

Firstly, this doll has features and a body that actually looks similar to a kid’s. With no overt gender, this doll really looks like a 7-year-old – which is fitting because kids are the demo here, after all. No huge breasts or hectic jawlines.

So yes, this gender-neutral doll is a win for gender fluid kids, non-binary kids and trans kids. But it’s also a win for all kids in general.

Time reports that the doll “can be a boy, a girl, neither or both”. Mattel’s gender-neutral doll is not solely targeted at little girls. Boys can see themselves represented by this doll too.

This doll has interchangeable hair and outfits that kids wear, like hoodies and sneakers. So, a kid can see themselves in this doll, and project whoever they want onto it.



Imagine Having a Doll that Looks like You

We all want dolls that look like us. Monica Dreger, head of consumer insights at Mattel, says the following:

“This is the first doll that you can find under the tree and see is for them because it can be for anyone.”

Why should toys be gendered? Girls can play with lego, and cars, boys can play with dolls. Both can play with both. As we move away from harmful gender norms, this is a big step.

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