The man accused of killing LGBTQI activist Lindokuhle Cele is applying for bail

And so the case has been postponed 🙄

The man accused of killing musician and LGBTQI activist Lindokuhle Cele is applying for bail. His name is Mvuyisi Mabhuthi Mogudu. Lindo’s family believes it was a hate crime.

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The alleged killer could be released on bail

Lindo’s alleged murderer, Mvuyisi Mabhuthi Mogudu, is applying for bail. In a perceived hate crime, he allegedly killed the beloved musician and LGBTQI activist, Lindokuhle Cele. The suspect is 30 years-old. And he allegedly stabbed Lindo 21 times.

So what does mean for the case? As a result of this bail application, the case has been postponed for a week. According to News24, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) says that bail is Mogudu’s intention. But we’ll have to wait and see what the court decides.

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It’s believed to be a hate crime

At the time, the 23-year-old queer rights activist was at a busy local butchery. Disturbingly, the murder took place in full view of the public.

Here’s what happened *trigger warning*, according to relative Nombuso Cele: the alleged murderer jumped out of a taxi and stabbed Lindo in his face and back, while the artist pleaded for him to stop.

Cele also described the kind of person Lindo was:

‘We loved him. We understood he did not choose to be gay when he grew up. Signs had been there since his birth…. Who are we to judge others? Who are we to take the life of another person? His death should not be in vain after it has shaken the whole country. Unfortunately, he died just when his singing talent was blossoming.’

Officially, the KZN police spokesperson says that the stabbing happened in Umlazi around 9PM on Thursday: ‘He sustained stab wounds and the knife was stuck in his left eye. He was taken to hospital where he was declared dead upon arrival.’

When Lindo was buried in Umlazi, many people spoke out about homophobia in their community.

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So what happens next?

Next week Monday, Mabhuda will officially apply for bail. So we’ll know for sure soon. In the meantime, Lindo’s family asked for people to treat the LGBTQI community kindly in the wake of their child’s murder.

Lindo was an unapologetic activist who was just starting his life. We want justice for Lindo. And we want it now.

South Africa’s LGBTQI community deserves better. We are tired of seeing society protect perpetrators. May you rest in power, Lindo.

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