Make Your Voice Heard – Take the COSMO Politics Survey

Speak up – we want to hear from you!

Politics is a subject we were taught to avoid. It’s contentious, personal and an integral part of our lives. Studies show that Millennial apathy is growing in South Africa as young people often feel underrepresented in the political arena. Right now, 2 754 324 women between the ages of 20 to 29 have chosen to register to vote in the upcoming elections – but we need more numbers. COSMOPOLITAN, in association with Soul City Institute’s Not Yet Uhuru, would like to know what makes your politics pulse tick. Answer the following questions and your opinions will form a feminist manifesto that will be handed over to party leaders. Speak up – we want to hear from you!

Take the survey and you and your besties can each win a COSMO Rock The Vote T-shirt!

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