Lockdown extension: The revised lockdown regulations to take note of (P.S. there’s still no alcohol allowed)

Except for hand sanitisers and we don’t recommend drinking those.

The new Covid-19 lockdown rules are out since the lockdown extension was announced. And no, there’s still no alcohol allowed. Be strong (*screams into pillow*).

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If you were feeling hopeful, I’m so sorry to tell you that the alcohol ban hasn’t been lifted. More industries will open too and certain rules have been relaxed. But the changes are small, BusinessTech reports.

The only exception for alcohol

The only alcohol that may be transported rn is for hand sanitisers. We don’t recommend drinking those.

Cooked food is still off the menu

Yip, supermarkets can’t sell hot roast chicken or pies. Best you keep on finessing your chef skills. Because fast food and restaurants remain out of the question for now. But here’s a KFC recipe you can try, knock yourselves out: How to make KFC at home that tastes just like the real thing

What about the kids?

It seems that children may now be able to move between divorced parents with a bit less trouble. With the previous rules, you needed a court-approved co-parenting plan. But now, a birth certificate will suffice, reports Business Insider.

Additions to the essential workers

The list of essential services is longer now. The new rules include plumbers and electricians. They are now allowed to visit your home and fix things. ICT professionals are also essential workers. Because the internet is a basic need, duh. Call centres are on the list too. As well as hardware and vehicle components stores. Although they have to ensure that customers only buy essential goods.

When it comes to funerals

Dlamini-Zuma said, ‘Funerals are still strictly for 50 people, that has not changed.’ If you want to attend a funeral, you need a permit and a certified copy of the death certificate (can be a digital copy). Pretty grim stuff. You will need to present this to the head of court or to a station commander.

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Mines, Eskom and exports

Mines that supply Eskom will continue to work. And now, miners will be screened and tested for Covid-19 before returning to work. Export restrictions have also been eased to avoid congestion when the lockdown lifts. 

As the Covid-19 lockdown continues, we wish you the best. Stay safe and, if you can, stay home.

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