South African prankster takes this piss out of Katie Hopkins with fake award

She flew all the way to Prague to receive the Campaign to Unite the Nation Trophy (spell out the acronym).

Katie Hopkins

This South African YouTube creator totally took the piss out of Katie Hopkins. In a skillful prank, he duped Katie Hopkins into thinking she received a fake award. She flew all the way to Prague to receive it. LOL.

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Who TF is Katie Hopkins?

She’s a British conservative columnist who mongers hate against Muslims, epileptic people, Asians and Greta Thunberg for her autism – to name just a few. She was also a former participant on The Apprentice. As a controversial media personality, her claim to fame is to spew racist, ableist and prejudiced sentiments in the name of free speech. In a vile acceptance speech during the fake award ceremony, she did exactly that, as you’ll see below.

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Words from the prankster’s mouth

It was South African prankster Josh Pieters came up with this fake award ceremony for Katie Hopkins in Prague. Why? He’s what he has to say:

‘You might ask what the whole point of this thing is… The truth is there’s an awful lot of hate in this world. And people like Katie Hopkins spread that hate and make money from it. And she can do that because she has freedom of speech. But so do I. So used it to combat her spreading hatred by playing on her ego and making her look a little bit silly’.

What a legend.

The name of the award is simply hilarious

The award was called Campaign to Unite the Nation Trophy (go ahead and spell out the acronym). Watch in video below from News24 to see how the sign was boldly displayed behind her while she gives her hateful speech:


This was not his first prank

Josh Pieters went on to upload the video on a bunch of Katie Hopkins fan pages on Facebook. But this was not Josh Pieter’s first prank. IOL reports that the prankster also fooled the world with a fake Ed Sheeran, using a lookalike.

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