So, The IAAF Have Said That Caster May Participate in Men's Events

The World Medical Association and Trevor Noah had something to say about it.

In their continued discrimination against Caster Semenya, the IAAF says that she is allowed to participate in men’s events. This follows their ruling forcing Caster to medicate her natural body in order to complete. South Africans continue to support their hero.

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Doctors Unwilling to Follow the Gender Rule

So the IAAF says, if Caster won’t take drugs to lower her natural testosterone levels, she’s welcome to go compete in the men’s events. How wild could this still get? 

Sports24 reports that when the IAAF made this statement, they were responding to a letter urging all doctors not to enforce the new (sexist) gender rules. Who sent this letter? Well, the letter was issued by a top medical body, the World Medical Association (WMA). Pretty official sh*t. They actually warned that this new IAAF rule breaks ethical codes.

They also reasoned that the IAAF’s research was based on weak evidence: “They are based on weak evidence from a single study, which is currently being widely debated by the scientific community…” said the WMA’s president. Big facts. 

The WMA is not the first big global organisation to step in against the IAAF’s Caster Semenya rule. The UN also called it a potential human rights violation.

Despite the UN and the WMA, the IAAF Won’t Budge

This was the IAAF’s response to the WMA:

“…according to international guidelines for DSD [differences of Sexual Development], an extensive investigation should be carried out by a cross-professional team to reach a diagnosis, and to clarify the individual’s gender identity.”

Are they actually suggesting they need to help her decide her own gender identity? 

“However,” they continue, “she would still be entitled to compete in the male classification at any competition at any level, in any discipline.”

And Caster’s Response Was…

In her ever-dignified way, this is Caster’s latest response to their statement:

Here’s Trevor Noah breaking it down neatly for us:

Trevor highlights – in his hilarious way – how most elite athletes have a natural, unplanned advantage of some kind (from the best swimmers to the best basketball players). And these athletes are simply considered lucky.

Trevor has something to say about the IAAF forcing Caster to chemically alter her natural hormones to compete: “This is some bullshit”:

Lastly, Kudos to this Professor, We See You.

So, this prof took a stand and resigned in protest against the IAAF’s dehumanising ruling on Caster:

We stand with you, Caster!

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