Here’s a World Map of Penis and Breast Sizes

Your boob size, mapped.

Eighteen-year-old Slovak artist, writer and entrepreneur Martin Vargic is best known for his book Vargic’s Miscellany Of Curious Maps. In this book, he has illustrated intricate world maps on the most interesting topics. Ever wondered whether your boobs were bigger or smaller than the average South African woman’s? Now you can compare your breast size to the rest of the world.

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Here is a map showing the average breast size of women around the world. Some stereotypes remain true, showing that Asia and Africa have the smallest breast size, and that Russia has the largest average breast size (larger than a D-cup).


We will just go ahead and leave this map here.


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Did you know that South Africans and Australians have more the 12 sexual partners in a lifetime? This is more than North America, South America, Russia, Asia and Europe.


Another interesting map shows the largest illegal drug markets in the world.

IllegalDrugs copy

Last year, Vargic’s ‘Map of the Internet’ went viral, while his ‘Map of Literature’ is ‘a graphical visualisation of how the world’s literature evolved from the ancient era to the present day’.

Map of the Internet


Map of Literature


To see more, check out his website or buy his book Vargic’s Miscellany Of Curious Maps: The Atlas Of Everything You Never Knew You Needed To Know‘ at Takealot. 

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