Surviving a Hangover at Work. You Can Do It!

You and Your bestie have just “1” drink after work, and we all know it’s never just 1. It’s 08:30 at your desk feeling like the world is about to end.

Remember swearing only to have one last night? Fast forward to the end of the night: you’ve consumed a bottle of white wine and six tequila shots, and had only an hour’s sleep. And now you have to go to work. ‘HOW?’, you scream. Best you read this:

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1. Try not to wear heels to work, if possible. You are already shaky, don’t tempt fate.

2. Have some gum on the ready. Even if you’ve brushed your teeth, that last tequila could come wafting up.

3. Once you have successfully made it to your desk, don’t sit down! You will not be able to stand up again. Put your bag down and head to the kitchen to make some coffee.

4. Don’t fill your mug up to high, because shaky, and because spillage.

5. Once coffee is safely on your desk, don’t sit just yet. Go and get a glass of water. Nobody has time for cotton mouth, especially if you have to answer the phone.

6.  You may now sit down. Congratulations! You have made it this far. You can do this.

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7. When replying to e-mails, always proof read! Sometimes your fingers stay drunk and cannot push buttons properly. It’s not your fault, they have a mind of their own.

8. When talking to people, try look at them in the eye. It may hurt but push through that burn.

9. Always look busy. People will try not to disturb you or call you over.

10. Eat something. Protein all the way.

11. If you feel yourself falling asleep at your desk, it’s time to put those earphones in and listen to something fast and upbeat.

12. Always try get outside when you can. The fresh air might help clear your head, instead of the office air-con.

13. During your lunch break, try to go for a walk. Burning some kilojoules will get your heart pumping and the alcohol out of your system.

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It’s okay to have an unexpected bender every once in a while, but try not make it a common occurrance. Life is too short to be hungover and miserable at work!

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