Women Are Paid WAY Less Than Men in These South African Industries

And the most sexist industry in South Africa is…

The gender pay gap in South Africa is still alive and well. Infuriating as it is, men are still getting paid more than women across the board, in ALL industries. But get ready to hear which industries are the worst.

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In Order of Sexism:

Business Insider reports that men are consistently paid more than women. In every industry. But some are worse than others. A new PwC report reveals that there isn’t a single industry in which women are paid more. Where is the biggest gap between male and female salaries? We break it down in order of sexism:

#1 Healthcare

So… *drumroll please… the most sexist industry in South Africa is…. healthcare! This industry comes in at number 1. The report reveals that men in healthcare are paid 28.1% more than women. Doctors, nurses and mental health professionals, it seems the glass ceiling is particularly hard to break for ya’ll.

#2 Media

Coming in at a close second, just after healthcare, is media *clutching my chest as I write this article*. Women in media earn 25.1% less than their male counterparts, including mag writers, news reporters, editors and photographers. Interestingly, this same stat applies to general retailers btw.

#3 Technology

Tech gals, South Africa’s technology industry hasn’t checked their sexism either. Men in tech are paid 22.9% more than women. So much for supporting our women innovators.

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#4 Finance

Then there’s finance. Boss b*tch chartered accountants, actuaries and bankers are feeling the gender pay discrimination. Men earn 21.8% more than women in the financial sector.

Let’s Look at CEOs and Demos

How many companies have women as their CEOs? Only a tiny 3.3% of JSE-listed companies have female CEOs. And FYI, over 80% of South African CEOs are white, the report showed. Here are the demographics for South African CEOs:

  • 85.9% White
  • 10.2% Black
  • 2.2% Indian/Asian
  • 1.7% Coloured

When ABSA’s CEO retired earlier this year, there were no female CEOs in South Africa’s 40 largest listed companies, the Conversation reports. She was the only female CEO in the Top 40 companies listed on the JSE.

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How do we Compare to Other Countries?

South Africa ranks 19 in the World Economic Forum report for gender inequality. We have the 19th smallest gender pay gap out of 149 countries. Some countries, like Iceland, have made the gender pay gap illegal.

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Iceland, Norway, Finland and Rwanda are starting to close the gap. While Syria, Pakistan, Iran and Yemen still show a big difference in salaries, based on gender.

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