South Africa's Horrifying Gender-Based Violence Stats and the Latest Plan to Fix It

SA violence stats are similar to countries at war, with 110 rapes and 56 murders a day.

South Africa now has a plan of action for women, peace and security. We look at some of the worst gender-based violence stats and South Africa’s plan to address this.

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The WILDEST Gender-Based Violence Stats in SA

Our levels of gender-based violence here in South Africa are among the highest in the world. Femicide, sexual assault and harassment are not new to us. It’s estimated that one in five women have experienced violence at the hands of a partner. How bad is it exactly? Let’s look at the numbers:

  • 2 930 women murdered in 2017/2018
  • 110 rapes a day (reported)
  • 56 murders a day
  • 19.3% of victims are women and children

These numbers are limited to what is reported to the cops. Many rapes go un-reported. IOL reports: ‘The number of murders is up, with an average of 56 taking place a day, and 19.3% of the victims are women and children,’ according to UN co-ordinator Bekele-Thomas. ‘In 2017/18, an average of 110 rapes were recorded on a daily basis, and we know there is underreporting.’

The Global Peace Index stats show that the violence in South Africa is similar to countries at war or in conflict. There were 2 930 women murdered in 2017/2018.

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So, What’s The Plan?

A plan of action is being drawn up for women, peace and security. It’s the first of its kind. Will it address rape culture and violence against women? Will it speak to the terrifying stats above?

‘This is an important landmark in the search for peace,’ said Minister for International Relations and Co-operation Naledi Pandor. ‘We will also put forward a resolution on women, peace and security during our presidency of the UN Security Council in October.’

The plan involves all South Africans working together to change mindsets and create a safer country. ‘We need to begin with ourselves. It is not solely government, but civil society which has a premier role to play,’ Naledi Pandor said.

‘Our problems won’t be solved by women or government on their own, but we need a unity of purpose. When, as families, we are united in our streets at the community level and we care for each other and monitor safety, we will resolve our problem of violence.’

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Will It Be Effective?

South Africa is the 25th country on the continent to have a national POA for women, peace and security. Globally, there are 79 countries that have developed similar plans. South Africa and Namibia are the latest African countries to do this.

Yasmin Sooka of the Foundation for Human Rights added:

‘We need to specify who ultimately is responsible for the implementation of the plan and we need a mechanism to hold government accountable.’

This is the ultimate question. Politicians and representatives often make promises. Those promises are often quite vague. Can we expect results? Will there be accountability? We’ll have to wait and see.

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