A Woman Will Walk on the Moon for the First Time Ever in 2024

The Artemis mission is going to change the game, finally.

So, for the first time ever, a woman will walk on the moon – in 2024, NASA announced. How is this only happening now, you might ask? When there have already been twelve men on the moon? I think we all know the answer.

Spacewomen Have Existed for 50 Years, But There’s a HUGE GAP

The first time NASA sent a woman to space was over 50 years ago in 1963, Women24 reports. Her name was Valentina Tereshkova. After that, there was 20-year delay.

Why? Discrimination obviously played a big role here. Only military test pilots were allowed to be astronauts – and this career was not available to women. NASA received complaints about discrimination. And only then did things start to transform. The laws were changed and only in 1978, were women allowed into the space program.

The Discrimination Continues Today

Just a couple of months ago, the first all-female NASA spacewalk was cancelled. It would have been the first all-women team to go to space, in history. Why didn’t it happen? Well, there was a wardrobe problem. NASA didn’t have the right spacesuit sizes.

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The stats are disturbing AF and they speak for themselves: “Only 59 women have been into space while a whopping 502 men have been into space,” reports Women24. But, it seems, things are finally starting to turn in favour of female astronauts. The playing field is slowly being leveled.

The Artemis Mission Will Change the Game

Until now, there have been twelve humans on the moon. They’ve all been American men, according to CNN. This next moon mission will be called Artemis. And it will involve both a man and a woman landing on the moon. It will mark the first time in history that a woman lands on the moon. While we don’t know their names yet, we accept this long overdue win for women in science.

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