So President Donald Trump’s birth chart, um, explains a lot

He’s a Gemini.


According to literal history, there were 3.4 million babies born in 1946. Statistically, thousands of people could have been born that year on the morning of June 14 under a total Lunar Eclipse, but algorithms couldn’t predict how the world would change after baby Donald Trump took his first breath in Queens, New York as the Moon illuminated Earth’s shadow, at 9:51 a.m.

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Like all birth charts, this is merely a snapshot of the sky at his exact moment of his birth. So don’t expect astrology (or, hi, me) to explain Trump’s infamy—or justify his, um, behavior. That’s all him. Don’t get me started on the red trucker hats. *takes deep breaths*

Anyway, let’s dive right in and decode Donald!

Gemini Sun

Geminis have a bit of a reputation in the zodiac. Symbolized by the twins, this air sign is associated with duality and is often stereotyped as viciously two-faced. While we cannot confirm whether or not Trump has “evil twin energy,” he does exhibit a very classic Gemini trait: He is obsessed with communication.

Gemini is driven by language and dialogue, which explains why many of the most prolific lyricists are also born under this zodiac sky: Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Bob Dylan, Kanye West. (*cue record scratch*) That’s right, loves. Kanye and Donald are both Gemini, which may explain their mutual attraction and why their personalities are so similar. They both have a reputation for publicly saying shocking things (who can forget Kanye’s 2009 VMA drama?), bolstering their careers on reality television, and ranting regularly on Twitter. #Twinning. (Side note: Vice President Michael Pence and former Mayor Giuiliani are also Gemini—Donny obviously has a type!)

So yeah, it goes without saying that Trump’s legacy is defined by his fast-paced, unapologetic communication style, but his Moon sign also plays a pivotal role in his complex cosmic DNA.

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Sagittarius Moon

Full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon face off in opposite zodiac signs. A quick scan of Trump’s natal chart reveals that he was born during one of these lunations: His Moon in Sagittarius directly opposes his Sun in Gemini. What’s more? The President was also born on the exact day of a Lunar Eclipse.

People born during eclipses tend to have larger-than-life personalities. Their birth charts simply mirror the drama happening in the stars. With Trump’s Moon (symbolizing his emotional inner world) in fiery Sagittarius, he loves to shake shit up and cause controversy. Indeed, Donald is fueled by his signature “DGAF” attitude. And, thanks to another important placement in his birth chart, he’s not afraid to fire on all cylinders.

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Leo Rising

Your Rising sign explains how you see the world. Trump is a Leo Rising, which means his entire perception of reality is influenced by the energy of that theatrical fire sign. What’s more, Leo is associated with leadership, particularly royalty, monarchy, and “divine right.” There’s no doubt that Donald sees himself as the center of the universe through his Leo-tinted glasses. Likewise, he’s not afraid to build a kingdom for himself supported by the shock-jock nature of his Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon.

It should be noted that Leo Risings do not like to lose. A challenge to this placement’s self-centric reign will be perceived as a full-blown attack. Thanks (or no thanks) to Trump’s dramatic birth chart, you’re either with him or against him, and that stance can change on a dime.

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And now, an astrological prediction for Trump

Trump will experience two major astrological milestones in 2020. First, on January 12, Trump’s natal Saturn at 23 degrees Cancer will directly oppose 2020’s powerful Capricorn stellium, which includes Mercury, the Sun, Saturn, and Pluto. (FYI, a stellium is when three or more planets or celestial points are in the same sign or house.) Saturn and Pluto move very slowly, so the fact that their meet-up perfectly aligns with Trump’s natal Saturn means that it will impact him “bigly.” This event connects to Trump through his 12th (spiritual) and 6th (physical) Houses, so it’s possible that he will be forced to share some sizable secrets at this time. It just so happens that his impeachment trial is slated to begin in January 2020. Coincidence? Def not.

Then, a new eclipse series kicks off on June 5. Through 2021, the Gemini-Sagittarius eclipses will fuel change surrounding media, education, travel, immigration, spirituality, and gossip. During this time, Trump will experience his Nodal Return for the first time in approximately 18 years. The last time this orbit activated Trump’s chart, he went into pre-development for a new reality television show called The Apprentice.

So will he continue flexing in the White House or return to “the boardroom” to fire “celebrities”? With an abundance of transformative astrology just around the corner, we’ll just have to wait and see how it all unfolds.

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