Day 6 Blue From Every Vantage Point

More than that, the water temperature is much like that of an indoor swimming pool and even though it is winter here, swimming or water activities is an option every day.

I was lucky enough to be able to play 18 holes on Le Golf du Chateau which is a course designed by local South African designer Peter Matkovich. With very few trees the hazards consists mainly of sand, water and clever layout so that sometimes a ball has to be hit blind. What struck me was the views on this course combined with the lushness. While waiting to tee off I was watching the ground staff do what they do best, maintain the growth of all things vegetation.

They were inside streams making sure water can run freely, taking care of weeds and clipping edges with tiny little scissors that one would expect to find in a hairdresser. The course manager says that insects and fungus are their biggest problem and takes the most time. There are huge snails all over the grass. They are pencil shaped and much bigger than any land snails I have ever seen. I was particularly careful not to step on any of them, could not imagine that it would be a pleasant experience.

We also had the opportunity to be taught by a golf pro during a golf clinic. The golf pro is another ex South African that now lives and works on the island. It can be a very intimidating sport to start with no experience and I have been told by quite a few people that they would never even try. The three newbies that took part in the clinic was loving it. The approach is more an explanation than turning you into a snap champion. What makes up a golf swing, some of the myths around what you should or should not do and the opportunity to hit 25 balls while he helps you a bit. I think I might see a few new faces on the driving range when we get back home.

When visiting it is also nice to know that the golf is included in the room fee so visitors can book and play as often as they like. Should a golf buggie be required that is charged extra and hitting balls at the driving range is also a few rupees extra.

Today we are taking part in a Mauritian cooking course and I will be telling you all about that tomorrow.
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