Day 2’s Top 10

Managing Editor Ania Rokita lists her top 10 on Day 2 of this year’s COSMO SUMMER Swimwear shoot in Sun City.

ONE elephant got a chance to star in a COSMO SUMMER editorial spread.
• En route to the Elephant Wallow for the shoot, we spotted TWO rhinos in the bush (much to model Avril’s delight).
• All THREE of the models got a chance to pose with the gentle giant during the course of the morning.
FOUR bites into a tasty lunch, we realised that no garlic farms were spared in its preparation. The good news was we were all eating it.
• Upon (very) close inspection, I discovered that model Dean’s khaki shorts were pinned in FIVE different places. And I have the pictures to prove it…
• Between them, the three models, special projects fashion director Robynne Kahn, hair-and-makeup artist Huey Tilley and fashion assistant Kristy Little demonstrated SIX different ways of wearing a hairpin. As it turns out, it doesn’t have to be ‘worn’ in one’s hair…
• Throughout the day, the members of the SUMMER crew (models included!) consumed SEVEN different types of chocolate bars.
• Our incredible driver, Sipho from Gametrackers Outdoor Adventures, executed an EIGHT-point turn on a single-lane road in a 25-seater truck to get back to the spot where photographer Anthony Friend envisioned his perfect shot.
• Photographic assistant Ian Engelbrecht exercised at least NINE different muscle groups (in each arm) carrying around some pretty heavy equipment.
• What looked like TEN litres of body oil was smoothed and rubbed into the models’ bodies. According to Robynne, they had to look as though they had been ‘dipped’ in it.

1. PATIENCE, exhibited by Sipho for the two hours he was our chauffeur. Driving a crew of 12 around a game reserve looking for the perfect bush is no easy task.
2. DELIGHT, shown by Avril every time she spotted an animal. The South American model had never before seen giraffes, rhinos, elephants or kudus in the wild, and her enthusiasm was contagious.
3. ANXIETY, experienced by model Mignonne ahead of her editorial shoot. She needn’t have worried – she was perfect.
4. EXCITEMENT, expressed by Anthony while shooting Mignonne and Dean together. Apparently, they have an amazing energy.
5. MILD TERROR, clear on Avril’s face despite the big smile when one of the elephants came a bit too close in his search for food pellets. We got some great candid shots out of it.
6. EXASPARATION, shown by Huey in response to a persistent wind, which resulted in some pretty stubborn flyaway hair early on. God bless ultra-hold hairspray…
7. CURIOSITY, demonstrated by a tourist couple who were witnesses to our fashion circus. They got more than they bargained for from their safari experience, but took it all with good humour.
8. STOIC CALM, exhibited by the five adult elephants at the Wallow while we went about our business. The 18-month-old baby female was less inclined to put up with us.
9. SURPRISE, felt by me after one of the elephants smacked my butt when I got too close to his food. Perhaps he was trying to flirt.
10. SATISFACTION, experienced by all of us when we realised how great today’s work was. Look out for it in the November issue of COSMO.