COSMO Swimwear Shoot: Day 2

I woke this morning to the sound of wind and rain, and for a moment, I thought I was back in Cape Town! But I wasnt, and the rain didnt last.

We were eager to see Paradise, as Suga calls it.

Rebecca and I were given the Le Telfair grand tour and we were surprised to learn that there was another three tiers of suites; even more luxurious than ours. It became clear to me why people come here for honeymoons and naughty holidays!

Door 1604 leads to a private sitting room and through the glass sliding doors on the doorstep, a little beach. A personal butler is at your beck and call. He will run a bath dotted with with floating flowers and surrounded with candles. He’ll also make sure that my favourite brand of chocolate is sitting neatly on my fluffed pillow each evening. Nice.

If you don’t have at least three saucy ideas in your head by now, you need to read the paragraph again.

While we were oohing and aahing over the hotel, fashion ed. Robynne and the crew were shooting poolside glamour. I have never seen so many people clean one bit of water. But it sparkled! Roland was ever-present with his video camera and put together a highlights package for your entertainment – watch it now.

Tomorrow Rebecca and I may be sipping cocktails, poolside, or dipping our toes in the sea or even strolling along the white sand – who knows? Check back to share the excitement.

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