Meet the K2 Twins (COSMO Sexy Men 2015)

Meet the K2 Twins from COSMO’s Sexy Men Calendar

Alex and Charlie Kotze, the K2 Twins, are heating up June on COSMO’s Sexy Men Calendar. We asked them a bit about themselves.

What is your nickname – how did you get it?
Alex: Some friends call me by my second name, Illing.

Charlie: My birth name is Charl, so my nickname is Charlie, which is what we also decided to call me for modelling and professional work in the industry. ‘K2’ is, of course, derived from our surname (Kotze), and being twins.

K2 Twins

Which character in a current sitcom/soap is most like you?
Well, we think we are most like the two brothers from Supernatural. Very similar personalities, too!

Are you obsessive/compulsive about anything – or do you have a pet peeve?
Charlie: Ha ha! I’m perhaps obsessive about getting my meals on time. We follow a very strict diet plan, so we have to eat at specific times.

Alex: Nah, not really. Maybe just to have Wine Gums as a cheat snack after a shoot, and making sure we get time in the day for our gym workout!



What are the three most important things on your to-do list?

Charlie: Do international modelling work. Make so much that my family never have to work again. Get a girlfriend to travel overseas with.

Alex:  Travelling overseas. Doing big campaigns – on billboards, TV, etc! Being a very successful farmer.

K2 twins

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

Doing an international campaign for a big brand.

How many hats do you own?

As farmers you need to shield yourself from the sun, so, quite a few!

Have you ever had a beard?

Charlie: Yes, definitely. During the week on the farm it gets very busy, so I always let it grow.

Alex: I prefer keeping it to a steady stubble.


If you discovered you could read minds, whose mind would you read first and why?
Maybe Bill Gates! Get the pin code to his bank account! Ha ha, just kidding!

As a kid, what did you think you were going to be when you grew up?
Growing up in a family with a heritage of farming, we naturally felt it’s right to continue in the farming business and be farmers.

Tell us about your first kiss…
Ha ha. In both cases it was quick and the girl(s) ran off!


You see a cute girl at a club and you want to send her a drink. Which Brutal Fruit flavour do you choose?
Alex: Mango Goji. It will give her an energy spike and she’ll be ready for the dance floor!

Charlie: Cheeky Cranberry. Girls love pink drinks.


If we gave you a rhino, where would you hide it?
On our farm in Bitterfontein.


What happens to all the single socks?
All on Alex’s side of the bedroom!

What was the best thing before sliced bread?
A piece of hake fillet (all we eat on a daily basis – strict diet!). We might as well be fishermen!



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