COSMO Politics Survey Results Revealed: This Is What You Had to Say

86% of participants do not have confidence in the government.

In the January issue of COSMOPOLITAN, we asked you’d like to see being prioritised by party leaders.  Elections will be held on May 8 and your voice is more important than ever. We ran a month-long survey where you could contribute to creating a feminist manifesto which was handed over to party leaders. Various studies have shown that Millennial apathy is growing in South Africa as young people often feel underrepresented in the political arena.

This Is What You Had To Say In The #COSMORockTheVote Survey

Survey participants were all female, with over 60% of the participants being women between the ages of 18-24. We were so excited to see that 69% of participants will be registering to vote. According to the IEC women make up the largest number of registered voters. Collectively, 14,708,160 women have registered to vote while only 12,032,779 men have registered. Yaaas!

Here are the highlights from the survey:

  • The top three policies that survey participants would like the government to focus on include access to education, lowering the rate of unemployment for youth and access to adequate healthcare for all.
  • 35% of participants feel that they are not represented by the party they are interested in voting for, while 24% feel they are represented.
  • 86% of participants do not have confidence in the government.
  • 62% have a low level of trust in the judicial system, while 13% have a high level of trust in the courts.
  • 50% of participants do not feel safe in South Africa, while 42% feel safe sometimes and 3% feel very safe.
  • The top three ways survey participants show their political standpoint by doing the following: 67% of participants represent their political opinion by voting in national and municipal elections.  65% share opinions or news articles on social media and 23% boycott a product/service based on their political opinion.

It has been a VERY busy year for SA politics and the drama does not seem to be slowing down. From rolling blackouts which have left many South Africans in the dark to state capture inquiry revelations, the fluctuating rand and the necessary discussions about the land debate. It seems the 2019 election is a really important moment for South Africans to make their mark.

To find out how you can make the best decision on election day, follow the COSMO easy to follow guide on the top three parties and their manifesto plans for women’s issues.  The full report can be found in the April Issue of COSMOPOLITAN.

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