A coronavirus WhatsApp helpline is now available in 5 official SA languages

English, Sotho, Zulu, Xhosa and Afrikaans

There’s now a coronavirus WhatsApp helpline. And it’s available for people in the 5 most-spoken official South African languages.

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Help is here in 5 languages

So, the Department of Health has set up a coronavirus WhatsApp helpline to answer all your COVID-19 questions. At first, it only responded to questions in English. But now, News24 reports, it’s been updated to provide info in five SA languages: English, Sotho, Zulu, Xhosa and Afrikaans.

This is a big win for accessibility as there are already over three million users on this WhatsApp service.

Additionally, there’s an official coronavirus website for SA, called sacoronavirus.co.za. With an emergency support hotline, tips and resources, it’s a pretty good thing to know and share rn.

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Here’s how to use it

If you’re looking for the latest coronavirus info, the steps are easy. Here’s what you have to do to join the Covid-19 Connect conversation:

  1. Send the word “Hi” to +27 600 123 456 on WhatsApp
  2. Then select the language of your choice
  3. Go to the main menu for FAQs about the coronavirus
  4. Find out about symptoms, hygiene, self-isolation, physical distancing and more

So stay up-to-date and rest assured that the info is accurate and taken from the World Health Organisation (WHO). Plus it’s got the latest news on South Africa’s lockdown.

We are only on Day 4 people, stay strong and safe and HOME. Remember that the 21-day lockdown is here to help stop the spread of the virus. As our president explained, we’re in a national state of disaster. Now is the time to take this seriously, and educate ourselves and each other. 

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How many cases now?

As of yesterday, the number of infections in SA is at 1280. Sadly, the second coronavirus death in the country has now been confirmed.

Here’s the breakdown for the provinces with the highest number of cases: 584 in Gauteng, 310 in the Western Cape and 167 in KwaZulu-Natal.

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