The 6 Biggest Surprises in Ramaphosa’s 2019 Gender-Balanced Cabinet

The cabinet has had liposuction. And HELLO Aunty Pat!

There were some major plot-twists in the reshuffle last night. It’s smaller, gender-balanced and full of surprises. So here’s our breakdown of the most interesting changes in President Ramaphosa’s 2019 cabinet.

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1. The Aunty Pat Plot-Twist

I don’t think anyone saw this coming. It’s Minister Patricia de Lille to you now, thank you so very much. Yes, the president appointed an opposition party leader. Aunty Pat is the only non-ANC minister in the cabinet.

Patricia de Lille recently broke up with DA. She then started her own party, The GOOD Party, which ran for the first time this year. She is now the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure.

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As we know, Aunty Pat has beeeen in the game. As a politician, she dates all the way back to her days in the PAC and ID. The TL was lit last night with Aunty Pat tweets. and they are hilarious:

This is what she has to say, according to the Mail&Guardian :

“I pledged GOOD’s constructive support for turning South Africa around. This support we will wholeheartedly give… I am deeply honoured and humbled to have received the call to serve as a Minister of South Africa’s new cabinet.’ – Minister Patricia De Lille.

‘It is time for South Africans to demonstrate that we can rise above party political differences,’ says De Lille.

2. It’s Smaller and Includes Women

The cabinet has had liposuction. There are 8 ministers less and fewer departments. South Africa previously had one of the largest cabinets in the world. So this trim-down is significant. Various departments have merged and we’ve gone from 36 to 28 ministers.

What does this mean for you? Well, if you pay tax (pay your taxes, people!), it means there are fewer politicians’ salaries to pay. Cutting down on ministers’ salaries alone means an annual saving of more than R21 million, reports News24

We also have A LOT MORE WOMEN in the South African cabinet now. This is amazing news for representation and equality. It also ranks pretty high on a global scale:

3. So, MABUZA Stayed After All

Many people thought (and analysts predicted) that we’d seen the last of Deputy President David Mabuza. Kanti, he’s still very much outchea. He simply delayed being sworn into parliament to “clear his name” and fight corruption charges. Not a good look.

Mabuza was is a bit of a shocker. He has been linked to past scandals. So the decision to keep him is questionable. Looking at you, Mr President!

People were so convinced we’d have a new deputy president, they predicted names like Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, Naledi Pandor and Lindiwe Sisulu.

What is he earning? Oh, like R2.83 million, according to News24.

Other ministers who kept their positions are Pravin Gordhan (Minister of Public Enterprises) and Tito Mboweni (Minister of Finance). They don’t seem to going anywhere either.

4. Minister Naledi Pandor, YAS!

Naledi Pandor has been making moves against gender-based violence. She recently appointed a task team to tackle sexual harassment on university campuses. We see you! 

This was such a good move from her as the Minister of Higher Education. Her stint in that position was largely applauded. She’s now the Minister of International Relations (which is basically Foreign Affairs).

5. Blade Nzimande. WHY?

If you remember #FeesMustFall, this appointment might disturb tf out of you. Blade Nzimande is once again the Minister Of Higher Education (and Science and Tech). You may remember him from when he was criticised heavily by the protesting students:

Note the sarcasm:

6. A New Face Giving Us Hope

The Department of Justice has a brand new minister. He’s young and he has two masters in Law. He is one of the few ANC voices who called for former Jacob Zuma to step down after the Nkandla saga.

So, overall:

There were some serious plot twists. But overall, women are much more represented by this cabinet. Also, President Ramaphosa’s election and choices have resulted in the rand gaining 0.5% against the dollar, reports News24.

Here’s a summary of who’s out, who’s in and staying put:

And here’s the whole happy lot:

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