"Go to Your Rooms and Have Sex" and Four Other of the Best Julius Malema One-liners

We’re here for the sex positivity tbh.

“Go to your rooms and have sex,” Julius Malema told the Durban July party-goers (he was there this year by the way). But this was by no means the first unfiltered gem of a sentence he’s blessed us with. While he has also pissed off many people over the years, we’ve picked out the five best Julius Malema quotes and one-liners.

1. “Go to your rooms and have sex”

Julius Malema had a message for those at the Durban July after-party this year. It was a sex-positive message. It was a wholesome message. He encouraged all to go to their hotel rooms and have some sex with their partners.

According to News24, he made this announcement after the police were called to one of the after-parties (the jol went on after 2PM). Looking dapper in a grey suit, microphone in hand, this what he said in a mixture of English and Sepedi:

“They say sex in English is nice, but when it is said in our language, you are using vulgar language. That is self-hate. Stop self-hate. Sex is sex. Whether unyoba or ke sex, it’s the same. Sex is sex in any language.”

While the comment was light-hearted, it was also pretty real. Sex shouldn’t be taboo or shameful or vulgar (in any language). We are so here for embracing sexuality and sexual expression.

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And so Malema marked the end of the jol, after the cops shut it down with this:

“Go to your rooms and have sex, take your alcohol with you. Your women are waiting for you, stop sleeping here,” he said in Pedi.

The ANC Youth League posted a video of it:

2. “Twitter is entirely divorced from reality”

Twitter can be a heated, bloodthirsty space. But does it always coincide with things IRL? Malema is an active Twitter-user himself. And he had some thoughts on this:

“I also hasten to point out that Twitter is entirely divorced from reality”, he wrote in his affidavit defending against a hate speech lawsuit brought by some big name journalists. He continued:

“I know for a fact that the EFF won nearly every ‘poll’ conducted on Twitter in the run-up to the elections. It ultimately lost the elections and came third.”

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3. “When you say bullet train, where and when?”

Love him or hate him, one thing is clear: Malema doesn’t mince his words when it comes to the issues at hand. At SONA this year, President Ramaphosa made some big promises and sketched out some big dreams for South Africa. This included bullet trains, smart cities, cheap data and 2 million jobs.

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In Malema’s response, he asked the harder question:

‘The days of dreaming are over … When you say bullet train, where and when? … We’ve got a new plan called dreams, post-1994 was supposed to be the implementation.”

4. “Are you not tired of seeing blood every year?”

Malema’s takedown of American politics was quite something. He doesn’t care for tact, but when we look at presidents like Bush and Trump, these words ring somewhat true:

“Every year you are bombing this or that nation, because of your thirstiness for blood. We want to ask a simple question to the imperialists. Are you not tired of seeing blood every year? You bloodthirsty imperialists.”

5. “The first, second and third solutions to poverty is education”

Lastly, Malema’s thoughts on access to free education:

“For as long as you are academically deserving, you must enter. Your matric result is better than money – let it secure you a seat university. We want an educated nation. We must send millions to graduation day. The first, second and third solutions to poverty is education.”

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While Julius Malema remains a controversial figure for many, he sure does deliver some great one-liners.

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