Back To The Future Day Has Finally Arrived

Where are our Hoverboards?!

Although a few of us weren’t even born when Back To The Future came out in November 1989, we’ve all seen it. On 21 October 2015, Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled back to the future in their infamous DeLorean to save Marty’s children.

It’s crazy to think that in 1989 they thought we would have come so far. A few thing have come to pass but we are all still waiting for our Hoverboards!

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What they got right about 2015:

  • Tablets. Doc Brown was seen walking around holding a tablet-style computer.
  • Smart-glasses. Hello, Google Glass and Oculus Rift .
  • Video conferencing, from FaceTime to Skype.
  • Fingerprint recognition. It’s everywhere. (In the film, a payment can be made just by the touch of a fingerprint. It’s also used to open doors.)
  • Online banking. Duh!
  • Jaws 19 holagram. Although we never got to the 19th Jaws film, we do have holograms and tons of movies are now 3D.
  • Motion-controlled video games (Microsoft Kinect, Wii, PS Move, etc).
  • Drone cameras.

What’s not quite there yet:

  • Crazy self-tying Nike Air Max sneakers. A limited-edition collection was released in 2007, where all proceeds went to the Michael J Fox Foundation. They look pretty much the same but, unfortunately, no self-tying capability.
  • Hoverboards and Hoverbelts. Hoverboard technology is progressing and there have been many prototypes, but still nothing commercially available or fully functional.
  • Self-fitting and self-drying jackets.
  • Newspapers with moving photos. However, on our smartphones and tablets there are often videos and gifs embedded in news sites…Winning.
  • Food hydrators. Imagine how easy it would be to make pizza all the time. Homaro Cantu of Moto, the Chicago temple of molecular gastronomy, says the technology to dry and rehydrate food already exists, but the technology to make that food taste good is many decades away. ‘Why would you want to pour water on a dried pizza and have it taste like a wet sock?’ (source)
  • The Fashion. Thank God.
  • Flying cars. One day. Let’s get those hoverboards first, though.
  • Rejuvenation clinics. If only.

In celebration of the unofficial holiday, Pepsi is issuing a limited release of Pepsi Perfect, the imaginary version of the soft drink featured in the film. Verizon and Lyft are mobilising a fleet of DeLoreans to pick up New Yorkers requesting a ride using the Lyft app. Nintendo is releasing Wild Gunman, an arcade game Marty plays when he arrives in 2015. Arx Pax tech company is also going to have a debut of a second-generation hoverboard. The Back To The Future documentary titled Back In Time is also being released today. In the United States, they will have reissues of the movies’ soundtracks and a return of the trilogy to theatres across the country.

As of 22 October 2015, Back To The future Day will be in the past, and we would have been here to witness it. What do you wish would be around in 26 years time?

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